When we manage your accounts, we use only general securities (stocks & bonds), mutual funds (including exchange traded funds and exchange traded notes, or ETFs and ETNs), government securities and options.

We provide three levels of management:

  • Conservative Risk: Featuring a mix of large-cap equities as well as index and asset class ETFs/ETNs and mutual funds.
  • Moderate Risk: Featuring “Conservative Risk” assets plus a mix of small- and mid-cap equities as well as sector and inverse ETFs/ETNs and mutual funds.
  • Aggressive Risk: Featuring “Moderate Risk” assets plus leveraged and leveraged inverse ETFs/ETNs and equity options.

Our analysis & strategies:

We rely on a top-down/bottom-up approach with a technical overlay. Specifically, we focus on macroeconomic developments and trends and how they affect various asset classes and securities. For this information, we rely on a variety of professional economic research and forecasting providers including but not limited to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, UBS, Societe Generale, Capital Economics, Standard Chartered, Haver Analytics, Econoday, RBS, RBC, Barclays Capital, and JPMorgan Chase.

With this information, we screen the universe of investable assets for opportunities in specific industry groups and asset types. Individual selection of securities is made using a proprietary technical momentum screen that isolates issues demonstrating new, well defined price movement trends.

Finally, highlighted selections are examined using fundamental analysis involving analysis of financial statements & overall corporate health, management & competitive advantages, and competitors & markets.

Fundamental analysis is performed on historical & present data, but with the goal of making financial forecasts, including stock price evolution, projection of business performance, management evaluations and credit risks. Fundamental analysis of individual companies involves an evaluation of the company’s financial statements (both annual and quarterly) to determine if the company has an appealing valuation.

For more information, please contact us: info@mirhaydaricapital.com